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A lifelong love of books

We learn to read, and read to learn. This is easy to say, but how can we teach reading in a way that will inspire our children to be lifelong lovers of literature? It’s simple – we instil a sense of awe and wonder around books and we provide children with memorable experiences which connect learning to reading for pleasure.

  • StoryTime Phonics is a new, holistic, whole class approach to learning to read.
  • Its joyful yet systematic approach uses REAL books to contextualise the phonemes
  • Rooted in research (Wyse and Goswami), the programme is practical in practice
  • High quality texts by best-loved authors ensure high level engagement at every stage
  • Multi-sensory lesson plans ensures the high level attainment we know you need
  • 60 inspirational videos provide all you need to train, empower and motivate staff
  • A further 60 high-quality films provide magical, memorable moments for children
  • Aligned to the National Curriculum and follows the sequence and phases of Letters and Sounds
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    The children made 9 months' progress in 8 weeks. The multisensory approach and connections to real books supported their long term memory re-call.

    Deputy Head, Abbey Anderson (PhD in Dyslexia)
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    Children are choosing to read for pleasure... they are laughing out loud in my phonic lessons.

    Year 1 Teacher, Charlotte Lever
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    We love teaching the creative lessons, it is so much more fun contextualising the children’s learning through real books. Our data shows significant improvement in attainment and the children have made outstanding progress this year as a result of using StoryTime Phonics.

    Year 1 teacher, Jean Hawksworth
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    Teachers have reported that they are able to see evidence of children applying their phonic knowledge when reading and writing, and the majority of class teachers have commented that the standards of reading and writing of the children are higher than this time last year.

    Year 2 teacher, July Rusted

It's easy to use

Gain unlimited access to the StoryTime Phonics website where you can download and print all teaching activity resources for every lesson.

How does StoryTime Phonics work?

There are no hidden extras with StoryTime Phonics. Everything you need to train your staff, assess your children and teach systematic, synthetic phonics in context – with joy! – is included as standard in the affordable introductory price of £2,500. Please see list below for information on what is included.


Train and assess

Watch the films, find out how it all works, and get started!

60 teacher training videos

Comprehensive teacher guide

Termly assessment and tracking grids

Introduce sounds

Teach 4 per week (you’ll do this with the whole class).

60 beautifully engaging real story books

60 memorable moment films

2 sets of Caption Action Cards

Practice and apply

Differentiate as appropriate with these high quality materials (and the help of your TA).

Detailed, editable lesson plans

High Frequency and Tricky Word Flash Cards

60 Talking Bookmarks

Includes all of the above PLUS a Tricky Troll puppet, a Grab and Go bag, unlimited access to the videos online, activity support material and of course some glitter to add magic to your book corner!


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If you're ready for a reading revolution in your school

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